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Portrait of a Graduate

St. Timothy’s School graduates have

  • Quiet confidence in their own academic preparedness
  • The ability to think critically and communicate effectively
  • A resilient moral compass marked by generosity of spirit

Meet our graduates

Charlie Lowe, STS Class of 2008, Georgetown University Class of 2016

Charlie Lowe (STS Class of 2008) recently signed on with the Peace Corps to serve a two-year stint in the Balkan nation of Kosovo. “They say the Peace Corps is the toughest job you’ll ever love,” he said, “and I feel like I’m up for the challenge.”

A 2016 cum laude graduate of the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, where his teachers included former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Ron Klain, former Ebola Czar and Chief of Staff to two vice-presidents, Charlie majored in International Politics.

He was very active with Georgetown’s oldest student-run newspapers, The Hoya, serving as deputy photo editor, editorial board member, and co-author of a bi-weekly column. He was also a key participant in his school’s Model United Nations program, which introduces students to the world of diplomacy and negotiation by simulating the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council.

But the most important extracurricular activity he participated in, Charlie said, was the Georgetown University Grilling Society (GUGS). “We grilled and sold our unique style of hamburgers every Friday, weather-permitting, in our public square,” he explained, “and the people I met through this club will become lifelong friends.”

Charlie is an STS alpha-omega, and recalled that middle school English class was always a favorite. “Mr. Nowak was extremely instrumental in my development of critical reading skills,” he said, “and the energy that he brought to class every day was truly inspiring.” 

Suzanne Garner, STS Class of 2008, Georgia Tech University

Suzanne Garner (STS Class of 2008) is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at Georgia Tech. Last semester she began research in the campus Robotics Lab to gain experience before graduating in 2017 to pursue a career in prosthetics or medical devices.

For the past four years, Suzanne has been active with Alternative Service Breaks at Georgia Tech, a program that connects motivated students with service opportunities over school holidays. She has worked her way up from participant to trip leader to Finance Director and now Development Director.

Suzanne has also been very active in her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, serving as Chapter President for the 2015 term.

In addition, she serves as Programming Vice-President for the Collegiate Panhellenic Community, planning events which promote community and topics such as safety, finances, eating disorders, and more. “This year we’ll begin a campaign to sponsor a school for underprivileged girls through the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation,” Suzanne said. “My passion for building this school stems from my knowledge that the years of middle school are foundational to the many years following of learning, both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Until she began a co-op at Bard Medical Division, where she will soon serve her third term, Suzanne was a Georgia Tech tour guide.

“I never quite understood how much I gained from St. Timothy’s until I came to Georgia Tech,” she said. “I discovered that many of my fellow students were simply not able to prepare for large tests or finals as they didn’t have the simple techniques that I had practiced since the sixth grade.”

David Foye, Class of 2009, United States Military Academy at West Point

David Foye (STS Class of 2009) is a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point where he is majoring in International Relations with plans to add a second major in Arabic. Upon completion of his sophomore year, David will serve as a Cadet Leader for the New Cadet Basic Training (Freshman Orientation) this summer.

David is a member of the Arabic Club, the National Society of Black Engineers, and the Sprint Football team at West Point. In his freshman year, he was featured on ESPN’s nationally-televised College GameDay special highlighting the Army-Navy football rivalry.

“St. Timothy's gave me the tools to be successful in high school and as a cadet at West Point,” David said. “My first exposure to being a leader among my peers was as a member of the Student Council, my first public speaking opportunity came during a chapel service in the fourth grade, and the first time I truly felt part of a team was as a member of the basketball team.”

He credits St. Timothy’s School with instilling in him a love of learning. “This has always kept me well-rounded and willing to take risks for the sake of knowledge,” he said.

David’s future holds endless possibilities. Serving as an officer in the U.S. Army, working for the State Department, or attending graduate school are just a few.

Abby Gay, STS Class of 2009, UNC-Chapel Hill

Abby Gay (STS Class of 2009) is a Robertson Leadership Scholar at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. The highly competitive scholarship is awarded to students at both UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University and allows for a reciprocal program of study on each campus.

As a Robertson Leadership Scholar, Abby receives full tuition, room and board at UNC, fully-funded summers and up to two semester abroad. She spent the summer of 2014 in rural Appalachia working at the Center for Rural Strategies where she wrote for the Daily Yonder, an online newspaper covering rural topics from healthcare to sustainable farming, and conducted research on rural philanthropy in Kentucky.

Abby is enrolled in the Kenan-Flagler Undergraduate School of Business at UNC pursuing a degree in Business Administration. She plans to obtain a joint minor from UNC and Duke in PPE – Political Science, Philosophy and Economics.  “As I further my education, I continue to use all of the lessons I learned from St. Timothy’s,” Abby said.

A nationally ranked equestrian, Abby competed for years as a junior rider in the Arabian National Championships.

Abby was an STS “alpha-omega,” enrolling in kindergarten and graduating in the eighth grade. She attended Cardinal Gibbons High School where she was a member of the National Honor Society and a tutor at the Boys and Girls Club.

Eric Lester, STS Class of 2011, Carnegie Mellon University

Eric Lester (STS Class of 2011) is a 2015 National Merit Scholarship recipient who deferred his enrollment at Carnegie Mellon University to spend a year in China with the Confucius Institute Scholarship (CIS) program.

As a CIS recipient, he is provided with tuition, room and board, and a monthly stipend to spend the year studying Chinese language and literature. 

Eric is a St. Timothy’s alpha-omega, enrolling in kindergarten and graduating from the eighth grade.

A graduate of Raleigh Charter High School (RCHS), Eric was nominated by his teachers to attend Governor’s School of North Carolina in three separate categories: Math, English and Science. He chose Math as his primary area of interest for the selective summer program.

Eric founded a Robotics Club at RCHS and qualified for state-level competition in Science Olympiad. He was a multi-year volunteer in the school’s IT department, where he did everything from building servers to managing the network.  “St. Timothy’s certainly prepared me for the rigors of RCHS!” Eric said.

Eric plans to double major in physics and computer science at Carnegie Mellon. 

Hollis Hatfield, STS Class of 2011, Virginia Tech University

Hollis Hatfield (STS Class of 2011) is a freshman in the College of Natural Resources and the Environment at Virginia Tech University.

In her sophomore year of high school, Hollis became a junior curator at the NC Museum of Natural Science, where she was exposed to the science of beekeeping. She went home and established a colony of bees in her own backyard!

Hollis was named Outstanding AP Environmental Science Student at Needham Broughton High School, where she was enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program.

“My experience at St. Timothy’s offered me so many unique experiences that prepared me for my future,” Hollis said. “I’m grateful for my time spent there.”

From the grammar class that introduced complex words that settled into her daily vocabulary, to the organizational skills instilled through routines such as binder checks, Hollis credits STS with preparing her for the next chapters in her life.

“I took an Honors Biology class in my freshman year of high school,” she said. “I remember being the only student in the class who had actually written a formal lab report before.”

Hollis enrolled at St. Timothy’s in the fifth grade.

Our graduates attend:

  • Athens Drive High School (1)
  • Bedford (NH) High School (2)
  • Broughton High School (19)
  • Cardinal Gibbons High School (95)
  • Cary Academy (1)
  • Crossroads Flex High School (1)
  • Durham Academy (1)
  • Green Hope High School (2)
  • Heritage High School (1)
  • Knightdale High School (1)
  • Leesville Road High School (16)
  • Longleaf School of the Arts (1)
  • Millbrook High School (9)
  • Neuse Charter School (1)
  • Radnor (PA) High School (1)
  • Raleigh Charter High School (10)
  • Ravenscroft (18)
  • Research Triangle High School (2)
  • Rolesville High School (1)
  • St. Mary’s School (10)
  • Sanderson High School (15)
  • St. David’s School (4)
  • St. Thomas More Academy (2)
  • Thales High School (2)
  • The Oakwood School (Greenville, NC) (1)
  • Trinity School (1)
  • Wakefield High School (1)
  • Westlake (Austin, TX) High School (1)
Number in parentheses indicates the number of St. Timothy's graduates who have attended that school in the last four years.
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