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2019 Science Fair Winners Announced
Posted 01/28/2019 01:33PM

The 2019 Science Fair was a huge success with 130 first through eighth graders voluntarily submitting 110 projects! Students could submit projects individually or work with a partner. First through fourth graders turned in 75 projects with 88 students participating. In Middle School, 41 students turned in 34 projects.

First grade had the most participants with 24 first graders participating.

Third through eighth grade students were interviewed by one of the independent judges who selected the fair winners.

Congratulations to these winners of the Middle School competition:

Honorable Mention

  • Austin Szafranski (7th): Hungry, Hungry Maggots
  • Ashton Blankenship (7th): Triple Coldness
  • Aiden Click (7th): Wheel Size and Speed of a Mousetrap

Third Place

  • Sawyer Hinson (8th): Effects of Temperature on Battery Performance
  • Robbie Brown (7th): Solar Ovens

Second Place

  • Chapman Warren (7th): All in One Kitty Carrier
  • Joe Swain and Scott Gilbert (5th): The Height Master

First Place

  • Jack Markham and Dexter Brickell (5th): The Proper Airflow of a Fan
  • Margaret Raynal (7th): Illusion Confusion

Congratulations to these winners of the third and fourth grade competition:

Honorable Mention
  • Vance Dutton (3rd): Spread the Soap Not the Germs!
  • Evan Thompson (3rd) and Grant Thompson (1st): Temperature Affects Rebound
  • Cameron Moran (4th): Whodunit: The Curious Case of the Camera Thief

Third Place

  • Miette Gillum (3rd): Subborn Stains Solved
  • Will Fetner (4th): Melting Chocolate Extravaganza

Second Place

  • Hollis Longino and Hadly Uhlig (3rd): Fruit & Veggie Volts
  • Cole Harris (4th): Crystal Growth

First Place

  • Lainey Crisp (3rd): Why Do my Apple Slices turn Brown and What Can I do About it?
  • Will Tucker (4th): Dirt, Don't Runoff!

Congratulations to these winners of the first and second grade competition:

First Grade Winners
  • Miles Bahnaman: How Does Air Pressure Affect a Ball's Bounce? Future Engineer Award
  • Finn Coleman: Volcanoes! Magnificent Model Award
  • Arden Ochoa: Air Pressure: Egg in a Bottle Self-Sufficient Award
  • Grace Sokolowski: Seashell Collection Cool Collection Award
  • Grant Thompson and Evan Thompson (3rd): Temperature Affects Rebound Superb Scientific Method Award
  • Isabelle Easley: Violin Vibrations Dynamic Demonstration Award
  • Julianna Clay: Flower Power Dazzling Display Award
  • Adam Floyd: The Bouncy Egg Experiment Superb Scientific Method Award
Second Grade Winners
  • Alex Brown: Which Bridge is Strongest? Dynamic Demonstration Award
  • Carter Burns and Preston Ross: Why Does Lightning Strike Trees? Magnificent Model Award
  • Knox Musante: Hurricanes Dazzling Display Award
  • Isabel Peña: What's in the Air? Self-Sufficient Award
  • Jackson Helm: Hot Wheels Momentum Future Engineer Award
  • Erica Heuser: Acidic Oceans Green-Friendly Award
  • Javan Sanders: I'm Rockin' It Superb Scientific Method Award

Several of the winners will go on to compete in the Region 3A NC Science and Engineering Fair on February 2 at Hillside High School in Durham. 

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