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2018 Science Fair Winners Announced
Posted 01/24/2018 12:17PM

The 2018 Science Fair was a huge success with 149 first through eighth graders voluntarily submitting 124 projects! Students could submit projects individually or work with a partner. First through fourth graders turned in 76 projects with 90 students participating. In Middle School, 59 students turned in 48 projects.

Second grade had an outstanding showing in the Science Fair with over 31 students submitting 27 projects! First and second grade participants and winners will be recognized after the Lower School Chapel service on Friday, January 26.

Third through eighth grade students were interviewed by one of 5 independent judges who selected the fair winners.

Congratulations to these winners of the Middle School competition:

Honorable Mention

  • Leah (5) and Mia Atasoy (5): Could You Repeat That?
  • Evie Caudill (5) and Logan McLeod (5): Hot Mangoes
  • Caisey (6) and Carter Moran (5): Which Battery Lasts the Longest?
  • Devin Sanders (6): A few good eggs
  • Eliza Dunn Tillman (7): Deer Bait Preference
  • Catherine Cobb (7): Do you remember?
  • Jocelyn Hilton (7): Are Eco-friendly cleaners really better?
  • Anastasia Jeffcoat (7): Communication in Aviation?

Third Place

  • Bella Howard (7): The Dangers of Counterfeit Makeup
  • Sawyer Hinson (7): Semantic Interference in Reaction Time and Video Gaming
  • Vivian Shillingsburg (7): Are Bioplastics really better for the environment?

Second Place

  • Sophie D. (7): Rust Reaction Rates Based on Different pH Levels in Acidic Liquids on Steel

First Place

  • Eugenia Hartness (8): Natural pH indicators

Congratulations to these winners of the third and fourth grade competition:

Honorable Mention
  • Rose Jimerson and Susanna Savage (3): Slime
  • Sophie Newsom (3): The Soil That Can Make a Plant Happy
  • Jonathan Rainwater (3): The Harmful Effects of Artificial Food Dyes
  • Claire & Colleen Eveson (4): Race to Evaporation
  • Joe Swain (4): A Plant’s Favorite Drink Is…

Third Place

  • Ryan Cleaver and Cole Harris (3): Swimming With Fins
  • Tristan Click & Tucker Snell (4): Voltage From a Potato

Second Place

  • Reese Austin and Creighton Mitchell (3): Perfect Paper for Going the Distance
  • Will (4) and Patrick Tinnesz (4): Up, Up, and Away!

First Place

  • Olivia Schmidt (3)Kicking it Off
  • Sarah Lynn Rajaratnam (4):  Will it Crack the Egg?

Good luck to the first and second place winners who will submit their projects to the regional NC Science and Engineering Fair on February 10.

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