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All St. Timothy's School students wear school uniforms. The intention of the school uniform policy is to ensure students take pride in their appearance, learn to value being part of a community, and limit fashion-related/clothing-related distraction in the school environment. For specific details, please refer to the "Dress Code and Uniforms" section of the STS Lower or Middle School Handbook.

Only specified items from Lands' End can be worn as uniform. Options for uniforms vary depending on which division or grade a student is in. When you log onto the Lands’ End website, you will need to create an account, select "St. Timothy’s School," and then create a list of the specific grades for which you are buying uniform items. Only approved items are shown for each grade level. You can also use this feature to check any items that may have been ‘given’ to you, or handed down from a big sister or brother, to see if they are still on the approved uniform list.

We update the uniform offerings annually to include new products that are consistent with our dress code. We also remove items that didn’t work with our dress code guidelines, wore poorly, or have been discontinued by Lands’ End. St. Timothy’s School received a $4,000 dividend this year as a result of the partnership with Lands’ End.

Uniform differences between the grades at a glance 

Complete guidelines are set forth in the Lower School and Middle School handbooks.

In Lower School, students wear white and navy. In pre-kindergarten to second grade, girls wear jumpers. Third and fourth grade girls wear a skort or shorts, instead of a jumper (no skirts). All girls may wear pants on cold days. In Middle School, fifth through eighth graders may wear khaki and light blue, as well as white and navy. Middle School and Lower School have different approved items to reflect the different ages of the students.

Titan Athletic Club hoodies and socks can be worn as uniform in all grades. Fleeces other than STS fleeces can only be worn outside of the building as a coat on cold days.

The following Lower School skorts can be worn only if they are no shorter than 3” above your child’s knee, although they have not appeared on the approved uniform list for a year.

  • School Uniform Girls Ponte Button Front Skort Item #442579BP1
  • School Uniform Girls Knit Skort Item #403697BP0

Please note that the following item is no longer approved for Lower School or Middle School, as it does not meet the uniform guidelines in our handbook:

  • Khaki 2 button stretch skort, Item #250207BP8” (This skort was previously removed  from the Lands’ End approved list and the used uniform sale, and should not be worn in the 2017-18 school year)

Guidelines for Physical Education classes

Lower School: Athletic sneakers are required for any student to participate in PE. (A student wearing boots, sandals, etc., needs to have a pair of sneakers to change into for PE). Bringing a second pair of sneakers and leaving them at school to have on-hand is optional.  

Middle School: Fifth through eighth graders will need a separate uniform for Physical Education class. The P.E. uniform can be purchased through Lands' End or the Used Uniform Sale. It consists of a gray t-shirt with "St. Timothy's School" on it, navy athletic shorts, and clean athletic shoes. Also acceptable is Titan Spirit Wear available through the Titan Spirit Store.

Athletic sneakers are required for any student to participate in PE.  A student wearing boots, sandals, etc., needs to have a pair of sneakers to change into for PE.  These guidelines will be reflected in the 2017-18 Handbook. 

Lands' End Gift Cards

Friends of St. Timothy’s sponsors a fundraiser through in which parents can purchase Lands' End gift cards at face value (no premium paid) and St. Timothy’s earns money. Lands' End gift cards are usually available for purchase at the school front office.

Used Uniform Donations

Used Uniform sales are held several times a year. We appreciate any used uniform donations and all proceeds benefit Friends of St. Timothy's, our parent volunteer organization. Please only donate items that are in good, wearable condition. Do not donate anything with tears or stains.



To view grade specific uniform options:

  • Go to the Uniforms section at and choose "Find My School."
  • Find STS by entering in our Preferred School Code 900063991.
  • Enter your child's first name, grade, and gender. Once entered, the screen will show only approved uniform items for the child's grade.
  • You may choose to save this information for future visits.
  • In the Uniforms section, there will be a black bar with your student's first name and the option to add additional students. Click on each child's name to view specific uniform items approved for his or her grade.
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