Departure Procedures

Chart of departure times and locations

Students may be picked up only by a parent or another adult specifically designated by the parent, communicated in advance in writing/email to the teacher or via the SchoolPass app.   Parents are responsible for ensuring all information regarding persons authorized to pick up their children are kept up-to-date on Veracross and recorded on the SchoolPass app. 

Students in grades 5-8 may leave campus at dismissal with parent permission. These students may not return to campus for pick up. They should maintain proper social distancing protocols when departing campus.  The school reserves the right to revoke this privilege for individual students. 

Parents should avoid arriving early for pick-up, as early arrival can cause backup/safety concerns on Six Forks Road.  Parents blocking the carpool line while waiting on students will be asked to exit the line and re-enter from Six Forks Road. 

Any student not picked up within 30 minutes of their dismissal will be held in their classroom or sent to the main office.  Parents arriving late for pickup will need to contact the main office.  


Early Check Out

Parents should park on Rowan, use the SchoolPass app, and notify the main office to check out their child.  School staff will assist with dismissal.