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Planning for Daily Arrival and Dismissal

As explained by Mr. Tinnesz in this video and in the details linked from this page below, key features of arrival and dismissal this year include:
  • Staggered arrival windows to limit student crowding at drop-off and permit temperature checks
  • Designated entrances and stairways, separated by class and/or grade level, for students’ building and classroom access
  • Students will be dismissed individually from their classrooms using the SchoolPass app when parents arrive on campus
  • “Contactless” late arrival and early dismissal; parents remain in vehicles, use the SchoolPass app, and staff will assist



All drop-off and pick-up locations listed below are designed to maximize the safety and efficiency of traffic flow on campus. The school may modify these locations temporarily or permanently as needs arise. If these locations are changed, the school will notify all parents in email and with revised signage.

Campus Access Limitations
Due to health protocols, parents who are out of vehicles are not permitted on campus during daily arrival or dismissal times. To ensure their safety and avoid unaccompanied young children in crosswalks, PK and K students must be dropped off and picked up from the carpool line. Students in grades 1-8 who live nearby and will walk home with their parents may arrange to meet their parents on the sidewalk along Rowan Street. (Students in grades 5-8 may exit campus unaccompanied with parent permission.)

SchoolPass Platform for Arrival and Dismissal
St. Timothy’s School will use the SchoolPass platform to manage arrival and dismissal.  Using the SchoolPass app, the main office and teachers will be alerted when a parent is dropping off their child or is ready to pick up their child, both during daily carpool times and for individual late arrivals or early dismissals.  SchoolPass will also enable parents to make alternate carpooling arrangements any day.  

PLEASE NOTE: Our SchoolPass system is currently under construction with a goal to go live prior to August 20.  As soon as it is operational, we will share more details, tutorials, and login information for all parents.


Designated Building Entrances and Exits

To limit crowding and maintain social distancing, students will enter and exit classroom buildings using the entrances/exits designated below.

Designated Building Entrances and Exits


Traffic Guidelines

  • Parents should drop off or pick up students only in designated areas where staff members are present to monitor traffic safety.
  • Gates Street and the Landmark parking lot should not be used as drop-off or pick-up points.
  • All staff instructions to students and drivers at drop-off and pick-up are given solely for the safety of our children and should be respectfully followed at all times.  Disagreements or concerns about any instructions given by staff members may be discussed with the staff member or an administrator at a later time.
  • The use of cell phones and other portable electronic devices during drop-off and pick-up is prohibited at all times. The safety of our students and staff require drivers’ undivided attention.


Bicycling or Walking to School 

Parents walking with their children to campus should maintain social distancing, use sidewalks, and use the Rowan Street crosswalk, if necessary. Staff will receive students at the sidewalk near the driveway exit onto Rowan. Parents are not permitted on campus past this point.

Students in grades 5-8 wishing to walk or ride a bicycle to or from school must have permission from the parent or guardian recorded in SchoolPass.


Arrival and Departures

In order to safely and efficiently operate carpool procedures, we ask parents to adhere to our arrival and dismissal procedures. Please review our arrival and departure procedures carefully.


In the event that you will need to access campus during the school day, please review our parking policy.