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Welcome to Lower School Individual Distance Learning

We are excited you chose Lower School Individual Distance Learning to start the school year at St. Timothy's School. We have worked very hard to put together an amazing educational experience where students can be successful in Lower School. 
Students participating in Individual Distance Learning will virtually start their day by joining their classmates through Google Meet for Morning Meeting. In each classroom, an iPad on a robot base called a Swivl will track the teacher as she shares her lessons. Students will be able to interact with the teacher and other classmates through the iPad, and they will be included in the lesson. Students will need a Google Account to access Google Meet on an iPad, but will not need one when accessing from a computer. If you do not have an account you can use for your student, please reach out to Brandon Bogumil (, and he will create an account for your student. Feel free to watch the video below showing the Swivl in action.
The schedules will be posted on the Lower School Individual Distance Learning website. Each schedule will include Morning Meeting, all core instruction, read aloud, and Co-curricular classes (except for PE). Students will also have one on one check-ins twice a week with both their teacher and a faculty member assigned to that particular student. If students miss a lesson, or would like to review, they will be able to watch the recordings on the website.
To see your student's schedule, follow the link below to the Distance Learning Hub. We recommend bookmarking this site, as you will access student schedules daily to join Google Meet sessions for class. If you do not know how to bookmark a site, there are tutorial videos on the Distance Learning Hub. Once links are added, this site will be password protected to only allow STS families to access student schedules. You will receive the password via email.
Beginning of the Year Supplies
Supplies for distance learning will be available for pickup on Wednesday, August 19th during designated times.
Pre-Kindergarten supplies will be available for pickup with their red bag between 9-9:45 am. 
Kindergarten supplies will be available for pickup with their red bag between 10-10:45 am.
For students in 1st-4th grade, supply pickup will occur between 1-3 pm in the driveway.
Ongoing Supplies
Each Friday, teachers will collect all work and supplies needed for the following week by noon. Those items will be available for pickup until 2:30. If there is not any additional work or supplies needed, teachers will notify parents to avoid any unnecessary trips. If you are not able to regularly pickup supplies and work, you can coordinate with another STS family, and we will send items home on Friday with their student. If neither of these options works for your situation please contact Lindsay Behrens ( to explore options.
Student Expectations for Distance Learning
  1. Please be on time, enter class muted and with the video turned on
  2. Be prepared and ready to learn by being in a quiet place and having all supplies
  3. Be respectful by listening to the teacher's directions, raising your hand and waiting to be called on, and not talking/chatting unless asked to do so
  4. Be kind and encouraging
  5. Be dressed for success, while we are not requiring students to wear their uniforms during Distance Learning, we do expect them to be dressed appropriately for learning
Device Recommendations for PreK-2nd Grade
For PreK-2nd grade, we recommend using an iPad for Distance Learning that is ideally less than 3 years old. But, any android or fire tablet will work. Parents will be provided with a list of apps that they will need to download. The device will be used for participating in live class, practice, independent work, and turning work.
Device Recommendations for 3rd and 4th Grade
For 3rd and 4th grade, we recommend a Chromebook, laptop, or any computer that has reliable access to the internet. Students will use the device to participate in live class, independent work, and turning in assignments. Students will receive credentials for Google Accounts and use Google Classroom to complete work.
If you need to request a device you can fill out the form by clicking the link below. Please fill out the request form by August 12th to allow St Timothy's School time to fulfill the request by the start of school. 
Apps Needed for Individual Distance Learning for PreK-2nd
Follow the link below to find a Google Doc with the apps needed for Lower School Individual Distance Learning. If you requested a device from STS, the apps will already be loaded on the device.