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Character Education

Our approach to children’s spiritual, social, and emotional growth has always been anchored in the Christian tenets of faith, hope, and love. In 2000, inspired by these principles, St. Timothy’s School parents, teachers, and administrators collaborated to identify nine specific virtues - one for each month of the academic year - to form our character education curriculum:


•   September:  Kindness
•   October:  Respect
•   November:  Sharing/Thankfulness 


•   December:  Reverence 
•   January:  Responsibility 
•   February:  Honesty 



•   March:  Perseverance  
•   April:  Self-Discipline 
•   May:  Courage


Today, we remain committed to placing these virtues at the center of our work, recognizing their importance in our culture and in the growth of our students. In the Lower School, these virtues are integrated into the curriculum throughout the year and are essential to creating an environment in which students care for themselves, develop a sense of personal integrity and self-discipline, and learn the value of individual and collective responsibility.

In the Middle School, the virtues work as the basis for our Code of Conduct. Students work to better understand each virtue through our Social and Emotional Learning curriculum and lessons in literature and history classes.