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Student Council

The Student Council at St. Timothy's School is comprised of the following positions:

  • President (eighth grader)
  • Vice-President (seventh grader)
  • Secretary (sixth grader)
  • Homeroom representatives from fifth through eighth grades

All of these positions are voted upon by classmates. Students selected for Student Council are expected to represent their homerooms and St. Timothy's School by modeling excellent attitude and behavior. Additionally, academic good-standing is expected.

Our Student Council members are responsible for communicating the activities and outcomes of the Student Council back to their homerooms. In addition, members help with school activities including the Fall Festival, Spring Open House, Balloon Day, and the Student Council/Faculty Basketball Game. Each year, the Student Council members work together to complete a Christmas service project.

Advisor: Melanie Savage (919) 787-3011 x 1013


Student Council will meet once a month. They will eat lunch during our meeting. More frequent meetings may be necessary during certain times of the year. The purpose of the meetings is to plan activities, learn about service opportunities, and gather information to take back to each homeroom. Additional work days may be scheduled after school as needed to work more extensively with “hands-on” projects. Student Council members are expected to make up any work missed for meetings, at the discretion of the teacher.

Field trips may be taken throughout the year to visit agencies that benefit from Student Council activities. Teachers and parents will be notified in advance of planned field trips.


Throughout the year, Student Council raises money to be used in a variety of ways. First, the money raised is used to cover any expenses needed to conduct Student Council activities. Second, students are exposed to needs in our community and will be asked to consider these needs when selecting recipients for funding. Ultimately, upon approval by the Headmaster, the students will direct the raised funds to local non-profits to meet specific needs. In addition, Student Council may consider needs outside of our community in response to specific events (e.g., flood relief). Staff members will help guide our Council members in needs assessments to help them make the wisest and most meaningful choices.