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Cupcake Days

This long-standing tradition is strictly for student enjoyment! On specified days four times a year, Friends of St. Timothy’s sells cupcakes to students during lunch at a cost of $.50 each.

Look for the Cupcake Day signs posted at the carpool drop-off line. Don’t forget to give your student two quarters on Cupcake Days!

Families from a specific grade will be asked to provide one dozen decorated cupcakes. Homeroom teachers will remind your class when it is your turn. You may drop off cupcakes in a disposable container in the carpool line on the first cupcake day of that week.

Volunteers are needed to collect the cupcakes during drop off on Wednesday.  In addition, volunteers are needed to serve the cupcakes to the children during lunch. If you have questions or want to volunteer, please contact the Cupcake Days committee at

NOTE:  Due to student allergies, no nuts (peanuts or tree nuts) may be used in the cupcake or icing. Also, we request that there be no inedible toppings such as trinkets, toys, rings, etc. 

2019-2020 Cupcake Schedule

We greatly appreciate the support of families on Cupcake Day. Please note the dates in which your family is assigned to bring in one dozen cupcakes.
September 18 and 19: 3rd and 6th grades
November 20 and 21: K and 7th grade
January 22 and 23: 2nd and 5th grades
March 18 and 19: 1st and 4th grades