Early Childhood Program » Pre-Kindergarten


St. Timothy's School pre-K student playing on playground

Our pre-kindergarten program at St. Timothy’s School has been carefully developed to meet the needs of four-year-olds and young five-year-olds. It is where children joyfully begin their active search for the tools and skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

By creating a supportive and fun-filled classroom learning environment, our teachers are able to nurture and guide each child's emerging capabilities. The structured program allows for creative play, freedom to choose activities, and hands-on learning. These elements of the program are essential to help guide each child to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Students take part in our co-curricular program with weekly lessons in Spanish, Imagination Lab, Art, Music, Physical Education, Library/Media, and Science Lab taught by specialist teachers. In October, pre-kindergarteners enjoy a field trip to a local pumpkin farm and in the spring, they visit a farm at N.C. State University. They also treat parents to singing performances at the annual Pumpkin Parade and the Thanksgiving Chapel Service.

Our After School Care program is an option for all students, including pre-kindergarten.