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Capital Campaign


Working with architects, engineers and landscape designers, we've joined with St. Timothy's Church to design a campus master plan that addresses our building and land use needs for both the near and distant future.

The Our Children, Our Future capital campaign will help St. Timothy's School position itself to continue its mission, to make sure future students, and future generations, are life-ready.

Phase 1A: $2,500,000

The addition of new outdoor green space for learning and play includes a new practice field, loop trail, playground, and amphitheater. These spaces will be used by all students for outdoor learning activities, physical education, athletics, recess and lots more.

This new green space and loop trail will also allow many current athletic teams to remain on campus, reducing parent carpool needs, improving transportation logistics and allowing more time for sports and athletics.

  • Demolition of three houses along Gates Street
  • A new multi-use field
  • A loop trail
  • Amphitheater
  • New/relocated Lisa Permar Ham Memorial Playground
  • Retaining wall and security fencing
  • A small building with restrooms and storage
Photos of Phase 1A