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Lower School Visual Art

St. Timothy's School student artwork
The Lower School Art program is a co-curricular class for all of our students in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. The program encourages students to use imagination and creative ability as a form of self-expression. The use of line, shape, color, value, and texture are emphasized through the study of art history and the creation of art projects. These experiences increase students’ awareness of and appreciation for the role of art and design in their environment, and the processes involved in creating art with various media. Student artwork is publicly displayed at various locations throughout the year including Aladin's Eatery, Cary Ballet Conservatory at its Celebration of Children in the Arts, the North Carolina State Fair, and the Visual Art Exchange's Young Artist Exhibit at Marbles Kids Museum.

Lower School Art Class Website



Middle School Visual Art Elective

Visual Art is available as an elective class to Middle School students. Students use photography, brushes, clay, and many other visual art tools in the creative process. Our goal is to explore many techniques and mediums as well as learn art history as we master the concept of design elements. Seventh and eighth grade students have the opportunity to enter a national competition, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, which has recognized the vision, ingenuity, and talent of our nation’s youth since 1923. Students also have the opportunity to display artwork at local restaurants, paint canvases and donate them to Art for Hospice, and show off their skills at the Visual Art Gallery's Young Artists Exhibit and the North Carolina State Fair.  

Middle School Art Elective Class Website

Art for Hospice by Middle Schoolers