Middle School » Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade

St. Timothy's School eighth grader arriving at school

Pushing out of early adolescence, students are able to grapple with weightier subjects and can develop more nuanced and abstract thinking. All of our eighth grade students take literature, math, writing, history, and a world language.

In addition to their fine arts elective choice, students take trimester-long enrichment classes designed by their core teachers. In eighth grade, these classes include Road across America, Seminar, and Genius Hour. All eighth grade students take Robotics and a physical education class.

Eighth grade students continue their social and emotional learning (SEL) in a weekly SEL class. Some conversations focus on value development and decision-making, while others are tied to needs voiced by the students themselves. We also lead our eighth grade students into conversations about outplacement and high school.

Our eighth grade students also enjoy a number of dances and other social activities, culminating in a trip to Washington DC towards the end of the year.