Middle School » Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade

St. Timothy's School seventh grade girl throwing a football at recess

Seventh grade at St. Timothy’s School is a year of growth. As students move into the seventh and eighth grade hallway, and that much closer to high school, we look to support their academic and social development amid appropriately raised expectations. Seventh grade students take classes in literature, math, science, writing, history, and a world language.

In addition to their fine arts elective choice, students take trimester-long enrichment classes designed by their core teachers. These classes include Life Skills, Make, and Debate. All sixth grade students take a physical education class.

Seventh grade is an important year for social and emotional learning (SEL). In their SEL classes, students reflect on self management, interpersonal interactions, and value development.

In the spring, seventh grade students take a closer look at their home city of Raleigh. Students break into one of four project groups - each designed to improve their connection to and understanding of our local community. Groups have included historical, farm-to-table, service-oriented, and ecological perspectives on North Carolina's capital city.