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Sixth Grade

St. Timothy's School sixth grader

Students in sixth grade at St. Timothy’s School work to develop consistency and depth in their work and learning. Striving to strengthen and build on the community established in Lower School and in fifth grade, sixth grade teachers and students create and reinforce bonds through collaborative work and community-building field trips.

Sixth grade students take classes in literature, math, science, grammar, and history. For world languages, students have a trimester of Spanish and an introductory semester of Latin. The following year, students will have the opportunity to choose between the languages for seventh and eighth grades.

Exposure is an emphasis in sixth grade. In addition to their fine arts elective and support classes, students take a trimester-long enrichment class designed by their core teachers. These classes include STEM, Create, and Community Connections. All sixth grade students take P.E.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) in sixth grade is focused on self-reflective behaviors and the development of positive group dynamics. Sixth grade students also participate in Religious Studies, a class that focuses on the traditions of Christianity. These two classes are the base for much of the service work undertaken during sixth grade. Both provide an opportunity for students to reflect on projects and build context around their work.

For many students, the highlight of the sixth grade year is the community-building trip to the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly outside of Asheville. This trip includes a number of team-building activities to strengthen their bond as a cohort. We enjoy a number of other social opportunities with our sixth grade students, including a field games activity in the fall.