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Grades 5-8 (Middle School)

St. Timothy's School middle school student using virtual reality headset

Early adolescence is a crucial time in a student’s academic, social, and emotional development. Our entire program – from the academic curriculum to our social and emotional learning classes to service activities and field trips – supports learning and growth at this important stage.

Our middle school faculty recognizes the learning opportunities unique to late childhood and early adolescent intellectual and social development. Our courses are structured to strengthen their organizational and individual study skills and designed to engage critical-thinking skills. Physical education and a set of support classes and electives augment the core subjects of mathematics, literature, grammar/writing, science, history, and world languages. 

In addition, students are encouraged to uphold their responsibilities as members of the school and the greater community, developing an awareness beyond themselves. Within the school, students take on any number of leadership roles. Beyond the school, we aim to provide students the understanding and opportunity to realize their impact as global citizens.

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