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Fourth Grade

St. Timothy's School fourth grader playing the ukulele in music class

Our fourth grade students learn to exchange ideas and value friendships, helping to create concern and respect for others. We encourage them to be independent learners, and teachers emphasize the importance of organization, independent study, and effective time management. Our students begin to make the transition from a more teacher-dependent atmosphere to the climate of independence and self-sufficiency of the middle school grades. Our teachers work closely with the fifth grade teachers to ensure a seamless transition to Middle School.

Fourth graders attend weekly co-curricular classes including Art, Music, Library/Media, Science Lab, Spanish, Imagination Lab, and Physical Education. Teachers encourage strong values through our Character Education program.

As the oldest students in Lower School, our fourth graders are proud of their role as models for the younger children at St. Timothy's. They take responsibility to be acolytes for Chapel services and help their schoolmates both academically and socially throughout the year. For example, through our Biggles and Littles program, they work on learning activities with their "Littles" in kindergarten. They participate in their last Christmas Pageant performance and take on lead roles including main characters, readers, and chimes.

Although current circumstances have led us to reimagine some of our traditions and field trip opportunities, fourth grade typically culminates with an overnight trip to the beach visiting the USS North Carolina Battleship and the North Carolina Aquarium.