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Third Grade

St. Timothy's School third grader in PE class

Our third grade program focuses on gaining competence and mastery of academic and life skills. The third grade curriculum expands on the skills gained in previous years and is designed to encourage our students to initiate and take responsibility for their own learning. As third graders begin to understand the concept of time management, learning how to plan becomes important and offers another means to improve decision-making skills.

Using technology, hands-on activities, games, projects, films, guest speakers, and field trips, our third grade students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences which allow them to apply existing skills to new situations. Homework, tests, and quizzes are given in the major academic areas. Organizational skills, time management skills, and the development of good study skills are imbedded into their learning and support the transition to fourth grade. 

Third graders attend weekly co-curricular classes including Art, Music, Library/Media, Science Lab, Spanish, Imagination Lab, and Physical Education. Teachers continue to encourage strong values through our Character Education program.

Each year, third graders have the priviledge of being the choir for the annual Christmas Pageant. Although current circumstances have led us to reimagine some of our traditions and field trip opportunities, third grade field trips typically include trips to the North Carolina Museum of Art, the Walnut Creek Wetlands Center, and the Poe Health Center to discuss general health and wellness. In addition, they enjoy a NC Government field trip in which they tour the Capitol building, Legislature building and the Museum of History.