Lower School » Grades 1-4 (Lower School)

Grades 1-4 (Lower School)

St. Timothy's School first graders at recess

From the earliest age, children begin to lay the groundwork to become life-long learners. Our Lower School offers an academically challenging, age-appropriate program developed to build confident and caring learners.  


With small classes and high degree of personal attention and differentiated learning, our students are introduced to a broad spectrum of experiences at a young age.


In a child-centered environment, our students are known and loved. Teachers understand the intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs of each student. Our research-based curriculum encourages students to develop independence, creativity, problem-solving abilities, perseverance, and confidence. Curiosity and discovery are encouraged in the classroom and through co-curricular classes as well as outside the classroom in our school learning garden and on class field trips. Spiritual education is provided through a daily moment of prayer, weekly Chapel services, and our Character Education program promote the theological virtues of faith, hope and love.


As they complete their lower school years, students begin to see themselves as capable individuals who use their gifts and talents for the good of others, armed with the key skills to excel in Middle School and beyond.


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