New "Flex Period" Allows Students to Explore Their Interests

The middle school schedule has a new flexible block of time each day - and it's a big hit with students! During a seven-day rotation, this “flex time” period allows for a once-a-rotation Chapel service. Three times during a rotation, multi-grade advisory groups meet to interact and grow socially and emotionally with each other.  Academic assistance, a time to seek help from teachers, is also held three times a rotation. During academic assistance, students can choose to participate in enrichment activities like Chorus, Science Olympiad, and Junior Classical League, or get take advantage of the time to work on assignments or get extra help.

Our middle school Science Olympiad team recently had a blast testing out homemade rockets. Students converted 2-liter plastic bottles into rockets by adding a nose cone and fins. They filled the rockets partially with water, used an air pump to build up pressure inside, and launched the rockets sky high! This scheduled time together will give students the opportunity to experiment with real-life science and prepare for the Science Olympiad competition, which will be held February 2022.

New to St. Timothy’s School, Latin teacher Andrea Stehle is taking advantage of the flex period by offering our first Junior Classical League (JCL), which encourages an appreciation of the language, literature, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. Recently, members of JCL competed in their very own Olympics. Students jogged around the track while carrying an Olympic torch, ran a relay race with armor (backpacks/bags filled with books), threw a javelin (not a real one!) and a discus, and sprinted from one end of the field to the other. The winners of the competitions were crowned with a wreath! The group will attend the North Carolina JCL Fall Forum in November. 

Another opportunity available to middle schoolers during the flex period is our award-winning middle school Chorus. After a one-year hiatus due to COVID, the chorus is starting off strong with over 80 students joining! Practice takes place in the church sanctuary, which is large enough for students to socially distance while singing. 

Finally, the flex period provides a sufficient amount of time for our middle school Student Council to meet once a month to plan various activities and service projects, including Spirit Week, Balloon Day and the annual Christmas service project.

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