Thinking Beyond Themselves

In their social-emotional learning class, eighth graders recently were challenged to consider the positive opportunities that the pandemic has created. Students completed the sentence: “if it weren’t for the pandemic, I wouldn’t have been able to…” SEL and art teacher Kim Balentine says the students learned that “when we have a good attitude, we can make lemonade out of lemons every time.”

During the discussions, students realized that although they were missing out on some aspects of life, they were gaining other things, like a stronger relationship with family and friends.

Many also noted that the older population had additional challenges, such as being isolated from family members and finding fewer ways to entertain themselves due to health concerns. With this in mind, eighth graders wrote to folks in retirement communities to give them comfort during this time. Students decorated the outside of the card and wrote a “thinking of you” message inside.


Student at St. TImothy's School writing a card. St. Timothy's students offer comfort to elderly.

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