Welcome Back to School!

The start of school is always exciting, but this year it seems even more so. After ending the year virtually, both faculty and studentsnot to mention parentswere eager to begin in-person learning again. 

St. Timothy’s looks different this year: classes are smaller, desks are spread further apart, some students join from their homes. Despite all the changes and challenges, the core of St. Timothy’s remains the same. We are still providing excellent and well-rounded academic programs. We are still incorporating social and emotional learning into lessons. We are still a close-knit community. 

As we get into the first week of classes, the kinks are being worked out (yes, the carpool lines will get better). By the end of the trimester, the schedule and operations might even start to feel normal. For now, all we can do is continue to be flexible, stay positive and be grateful for in-person learning!

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