Three Students Advance to State Science Fair

What do rocks, moldy bread and music have in common? They’re a few of the many great projects present at the St. Timothy’s School 2020 Science Fair. Over 130 first through eighth graders voluntarily participated in the fair held in early January. Each participant was interviewed by independent judges who reviewed the projects and determined the winners (listed below). Five of the winners were selected by the judges to move on to the Region 3A North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair held at Hillside High School in Durham on February 2.

The regional competition was a long, but very rewarding, day. Three STS students placed and earned a spot at the state-level competition. Fifth grader Cole Harris and third grader Isabel P. each won first place in the elementary division. Sixth grader Brooke Hershberger took third place in the Biological Science A Division in the juniors division. All three will compete against other regional winners during the state-wide North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair on March 27 and 28 at NC State University.

Congratulations to all of our enthusiastic scientists for going the extra mile!

Third grade advances to state competition Fifth grader advances to state competition

Winners of the fifth through eighth grade STS Science Fair

First Place

Rose Jimerson (5th): Awesome Insulation (advanced to Region 3A Science Fair)


Second Place

Brooke Hershberger (6th): The Effect of Light Color on Plant Growth (third place in Biological Science Division at Region 3A Science Fair, advancing to state competition)


Third Place

Cole Harris (5th): Left and Right Brain Dominance (first place at the Region 3A Science Fair, advancing to state competition)


Honorable Mention

Grace Raiford (7th): Gas versus Electric
Margaret Raynal and Sarah Temple (8th): Mood and Music
Audrey Coonan (7th): Does Different Music Affect Heart Rate?

Winners of the third and fourth grade STS Science Fair


First Place

Isabel P. (3rd): Plants breathe too! (first place at the Region 3A Science Fair, advancing to state competition)

Second Place

Zoe Cavallaro (4th): My ‘eggs’ellent test with toothpaste (recommended to advance to Region 3A Science Fair)


Third Place

Auden Gildener, Sawyer Moretz and Myatt Moretz (4th): The Great Red Skittle Riddle!


Honorable Mention

Erica Heuser (3rd): Quiet Please
Ellerbee Brewer and Hadley Wein (4th): Brain Booster or Brain Buster
Hadley Uhlig (4th): Gummy Bear Osmosis

Winners of the first and second grade STS Science Fair

First Grade Winners


Matthew Sawyer: Our Solar System, Magnificent Model Award
Anna Belle Smith: Dissolving Bath Bombs, Superb Scientific Method Award
Tate Danner: Bread Mold Experiment, Superb Scientific Method Award
Leo Curran: Solar System, Self-Sufficient Scientist Award
Thomas Butler: The Science of Seashells, Cool Collection Award
Brynlee Allen and Lilly Crowder: Growing Crystals, Dazzling Display Award
Harrison Green: Who Came to Visit Last Night?, Most Creative Question Award


Second Grade Winners


Finn Coleman:  Rocks,  Magnificent Model Award
Hattie Dryden, Margo Spisak, and Anna Burgess: NC Endangered Animals, Dazzling Display Award
Julianna Clay: Birdseeding a Rainbow, Superb Scientific Method Award
Grant Taylor: Candy Camouflage, Most Creative Question Award
Chance Barnett: What can you find gem mining?, Cool Collection Award
Sean Tinnesz: Speeding Cars, Future Engineer Award
Catherine Guy: How Blood Flows, Dynamic Demonstration Award
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