Spirit Magazine Excerpt: Virtual Reality Has Come to STS

Each year, the St. Timothy’s School Annual Fund provides resources for faculty “Wish List” items outside the operating budget. This summer, the School purchased 22 virtual reality headsets and associated equipment for faculty and students across grades and disciplines.

Students are exploring the world in a whole new way. They’re traveling to international art museums, Grecian ruins and even the depths of the ocean, all without leaving campus.

These innovative, virtual field trips are now possible with the new virtual reality headsets. Teachers use an iPad to control what the students see and can tailor the visual experience to their particular learning objectives.

Virtual reality headsets are bringing lessons to life: third graders have explored Hangzhou, China where their penpals live, seventh graders attended festivals around the world to gain inspiration for the setting of realistic fiction stories and eighth graders have viewed exhibitions at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City.

Gifts to the Annual Fund bring innovation like virtual reality to our children and are making a difference each day. Thank you for your support!

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