St. Timothy's Welcomes Three Exchange Students from Guatemala

¡Bienvenido a Bea, Alejo e Isa! Our newest St. Timothy's School students have traveled hundreds of miles from their homes in Guatemala and arrived in Raleigh this past Sunday, October 13.

For the next 8 weeks, these three exchange students will live with host families and attend St. Timothy's School. The students will take classes and participate in school activities just like all STS students in their grade. 

During the duration of the exchange program, there will be many opportunities for all St. Timothy's School students to meet our guests. Bea, Alejo, and Isa will make presentations about what it’s like to live in Guatemala and participate in learning activities during Lower School Spanish classes. 

This is the eighth year that St. Timothy’s School has hosted exchange students from Guatemala through the Experiencias Interculturales: Jump the World program. Thank you to the Lowrance, Holt, and Holland families for making this program possible by opening their homes to these students.

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